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Rewards Program FAQ

How do I sign up?

Glad ya asked. First thing’s first, you sign up here and BOOM you just earned yourself 200 points for free!

I created an account but haven't received my sign-up bonus yet. When will I receive my bonus?

The sign-up bonus can take a few minutes to be added to your account. If you still don't see your bonus within 24 hours, please reach out to our customer service team at shop@donut.media.

What are the different rewards tiers?

We have two different tiers in motion: Powa and Mo Powa.

Powa is free to join (200 points at sign-up!) and you earn 4 points per $1 spent.

To achieve Mo Powa status, you must spend $150 within one calendar year on the Donut Shop to join. Once there, you’ll earn 5 points per $1 spent. Cha-Ching!

How long do I have to upgrade tiers?

Your rewards tier is based on your spending in the last calendar year. As soon as you spend $150 you will be upgraded to the Mo Powa tier. Tier status is achieved for the current year through the end of the following year. Just be sure you stay at that spending level each year if you'd like to stay in the Mo Powa tier!

How do I earn points?

Each purchase off the Donut Shop earns you points, as long as you are signed into your store account when placing your order.

Every buck spent earns 4-5 points, depending on whether you’re in our Powa or Mo Powa rewards tier. Just a heads up: points earned are based on your subtotal minus any points you’ve spent as discount codes.

What do the points get me?

For every 100 points earned, you receive a $1 off a purchase. As you rack up more points, discount gets bigger and bigger.

How are my points tracked?

Your points are tracked and added with each purchase you make. To ensure that they're being tracked to your account, you must be signed in on the Donut store when placing an order.

How can I see how many points I have earned?

To see how many points you’ve earned, you must be signed into your account on the Donut Media store. If you’re on a desktop, your total number of earned points will be viewable the top right of the store page. If you’re on your mobile device, click the gift icon on the bottom right corner to see your points total.

Are there ways to earn bonuses?

You know it! There are two ways you can snag up bonuses. First, we celebrate your birthday with a bonus: depending on your rewards tier, you’ll receive 250-300 points.

Another way to earn is by referring your buddies. They’ll receive $10 off their order of $50 or more and you’ll receive $10 off your next purchase once they complete their purchase of $50 or more.

Do points expire?

Yeah. Points expire 6 months after they were earned; however, your expiry date for all your points is pushed back each time you earn more with your rewards account. But don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder before they’re gone for good.

How do I send a friend my referral link?

Once you’re logged into your rewards account on the Donut store, click on the GIFT icon and scroll down to “REFER YOUR FRIENDS”. Here, you can choose to send a friend your referral link by copying it and sending it, or by sharing via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

My friend sent me their referral link, how do I use it?

Click on the referral link sent to you, it will bring you to the Donut store. From there, a window will pop-up, prompting you to enter your email to create a new account. Once complete, click “CLAIM YOUR GIFT” and you will be brought to a new window with the referral coupon.

To redeem the discount on your order of $50 or more, you can click “APPLY CODE” to have it automatically applied to your cart at check out, or copy and paste into the discount code field at check-out.

My friend used my referral link, how do I claim my reward?

Once your friend redeems their reward using your referral link, you will receive an email from rewards@customer-mail.smile.io with your coupon code. You can either click the “USE REWARD” button to have it automatically apply to your cart at check out, or copy and paste into the discount code field at check-out.

Another way to claim your reward would be to log-in to your rewards account on the Donut store. From there, click the GIFT icon and head to “YOUR REWARDS” to use the coupon code.

Where do I go to redeem my reward?

First, you must be signed into your account on the Donut store. Then, open the home page of Donut.Media, click on the GIFT icon in the bottom right corner, then Click "WAYS TO REDEEM”.

From here, click on Redeem (next to “Rewards Points 100 Points = $1”) and use the slider to determine the number of points you’d like to redeem.

Once completed, click Redeem and a discount code will appear. Use this discount code at checkout on your next purchase.

My points were applied but I didn't finish my checkout. Can I get them back?

Absolutely! Reach out to our customer service team by clicking HERE or emailing us at SHOP@DONUT.MEDIA. Typically, customer service requests are responded to within 1-2 business days of submission.

Can I combine rewards program discounts with other discount codes?

No, only one discount code can be redeemed at a time at checkout.